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I use and have used 10W30 year round, including putting 240,000 miles on a
SAAB 9000Turbo with no engine or turbo related problems. From what I have
read and experienced, this is all you need, unless extreme use such as
racing. I'm no expert and there are many opinions on this.  YMMV, of course.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4 150k mi.
91 200 TQA 105k mi.

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I am considering buying some Amsoil for the Audi.  I heard and have read
that it is very good motor oil.  However, the only oils they sell are 0-30,
5-30, 10-30, etc. Nothing in the 10-40 range or so.  I would like to use
this oil in the summer months, but with only winter like oils available
would it be something good to do.  I've always thought that summer oils
should be a little heavier???

Tracy Knoop Novak
422 Greenway Avenue
Bozeman, Montana  59718-1824

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