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<< > yeah, but my Volvo can beat your MINIVAN.  puke.
Let's go on a nice long trip with 3 kids, hockey gear for 2, 4 bikes on
rack, refrigerated cooler plugged in, a bag of VHS movies and see who's
happier at the other end. Set, Game, Match!!! >>

I have three kids. Our family takes long road trips at least twice a
year. To date all our road trips have been in a 4kq (kids were small,
that was nearly 5 years back now) and a 5ktq. We recently bought a Volvo
850 turbo wagon (HUGE mistake BTW) that is presently our family road
tripper. I know of one occasion for sure in the 5ktq that had I been
driving a less, er, roadworthy vehicle (such as a van or SUV) I may not
be typing this right now, and/or not have as large of a family as I once
had. Land yachts have their place, I guess, but driving pleasure and
safety are not at the top of the design criteria.

On topic:
3 cars insured ('94 850t wagon, '87 5ktq, '86 4kq)
2 drivers (44 year old male, 32 year old female, no kids driving
yet--good driver discounts)
non-inner city rate (Santa Cruz, CA)
100/300k limits of liability (std. high limits in CA.)
100 comp/500 collision on the Volvo 850t wagon and 5ktq, liability only
on the 4kq
rental car coverage (pays for a rental)
medical coverage (minimal)
uninsured motorist

$120.00 a month through Travelers.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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