My rear brakes won't stop squeeling!!!

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu May 2 01:07:50 EDT 2002

>My back brakes seem to drag all the time. I don't
>think It's the e-brake, because the squeel goes away
>when I apply the brakes lightly. What should I check
>to solve my problem. It's seems like the pads are
>returning all the way into the caliper.

Have you jacked up the rear wheel(s) and verified that there is
actually some significant "dragging"? The e-brake is commonly the
cause of rear brake dragging, and it's easy to tell if they're not
being fully disengaged. Check for this by inspecting the e-brake
actuating lever located at the rear of each caliper assembly. There
is a coil spring that should cause the lever to return tightly
against a "stop" when the e-brake handle is fully released. If cables
are binding  or caliper innards are gunked-up, this will restrain the
levers from returning to the released position. Even as little as
1/8" away from the stop is enough to drag the brakes. They can be
released (temporarily) by prying with a large screwdriver or tapping
with a small hammer to force the lever(s) to rotate fully against the

Also, If the rubber boots over the caliper guide-pins are torn or
missing, the guide pins may be dirty/corroded and interfere with
caliper movement, causing the pads to remain in contact.


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