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Thu May 2 04:40:35 EDT 2002

Anyone drive the 2000 S4 Bi-Turbo yet? Those brakes
are awesome! I keep braking waaaay too soon in normal
street driving, this after getting out of the 200q20v
mit excellent UFOs.

Anyone done an engine R&R in one of these puppies yet?
Ut was a real challenge!m We also added APR Stage II
kit, APR chip, bi-pipes, SS exh, Samco hose kit 0 this
car screams and is amazingly smooth, and the brakes
are good too.



--- TM <t44tq at> wrote:
> One thing that I really notice when I get out of my
> 200 and into another
> car- the brakes are terrible. The UFOs were quite
> good, BIRA S2UFO is
> far
> better than the UFOs, even. With good pedal feel
> (relatively speaking)
> and
> excellent braking capacity, it's rather scary to hop
> into a rental car
> and
> find that the brakes don't work very well.
> If I take a long road trip in a rental, I might go
> so far as to use a
> vacuum
> fluid extractor and bleed the brakes w/ decent brake
> fluid before
> leaving,
> as well as checking the tire pressures and the pads.
> That's why if I owned something like a Suburban, I'd
> have some big
> Brembo
> brakes put on that thing, as well as street-oriented
> tires (not
> humungous
> 24" silly wheels, but something reasonable in an OEM
> size).
> Taka
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