CV boots and Waste gate FV

Joshua C smuckycat at
Thu May 2 14:35:15 EDT 2002

Last night when I was tightening up my belts I decided to check on the
suspension, besides the worn bushings I need to replace I noticed one of the
CV boots is rotten looking, it has not yet ripped.  Is it real difficult to
replace the boot (I know it involves removing the axle etc..) I spoke to a
friend and he said I would be better off replacing the whole axle

Also, I am only making 1.4 boost (7 psi) and I suspect the Wastegate
frequency valve is shot...where can I get one, Blau told me to call back in
a few months for the 20v TQ..

91 200 20v Avant
73 Alfa Romeo GTV

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