CV boots and Waste gate FV

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Thu May 2 12:13:59 EDT 2002

> From: "Joshua C" <smuckycat at>
> Last night when I was tightening up my belts I decided to check on the
> suspension, besides the worn bushings I need to replace I noticed one of the
> CV boots is rotten looking, it has not yet ripped.  Is it real difficult to
> replace the boot (I know it involves removing the axle etc..) I spoke to a
> friend and he said I would be better off replacing the whole axle
> assembly????
BTDT.  Yes it is a fair job, unless you are removing the strut for other
reasons.  These boots seem to be good for 150 to 250K and more.  If it ain't
broke, don't fix it!  Just keep an eye on it.  No need to replace the shaft
or CV even if driven cracked for some time, Just R&R clean and regrease with
new boot kit.

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