cheap rims for sale

Dan Simoes dans at
Thu May 2 15:58:42 EDT 2002 has 2 sets of cheap rims for sale that may fit the 200q20v

15" Audi alloys, like on the A4.  Only $69 each, includes caps.
16" (I think) VW Tango alloys, set of 4 is $356.

Would either work on these cars with UFOs?  Yes, I'm already looking to
upgrade even though I don't have the car yet.  "My" BBS wheels are very
crapped up,though Peter says they are very light so they may be worth

It looks like there are no decent tires in 15" though, at least of a
sporting nature.  Choices in 215/60-15 are:
HTR200 $45ea (H rated)
Yoko AVS Intermediate (V) $61, low stock
Dunlop SP Sport A2 $61 (H)

Nothing I'd really rave about.
How about the knockoff 5 spoke rims like on the A8, or the "S5" replica
wheels they sell?  Would either fit over UFOs in 16"?
TireRack only shows 2 wheels for the 200 in 16", but 27 wheels for the
95 S6.  I'm not sure if this is ignorance or maybe they really know what
will fit over UFOs.

Odds are I will go to 16" since there are so many Audi takeoff wheels
out there, courtesy of the A4 crowd.

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