Replacement UFO Pads

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu May 2 13:32:07 EDT 2002

Hey all,

Back on this one...

As there is no Autozones up here in the Pac. NW, stopped by our local giant,
Shucks.  They have Raybestos pads orderable for the 200 at $63 a pop,
supplied with a lifetime warranty (old pads wear out, bring them in and you
get new pads).  My inclination is not to go with the brand, but that is not
based on btdt.

Anybody have more "empirical data" on the brand?  For all I know they're the
same pad as Autozones, or the Jurid's for that matter.

Also, what's that I saw about Mintex pads related to the G60's?  Any made
for the UFO's?

Derek P

>From: Bernie Benz <b.m.benz at>
>To: Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at>
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>Subject: Re: Replacement UFO Pads
>Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 07:40:13 -0700
>Opps!  I transposed numbers on the Jurid p/n in the Textar description.
>should have been Jurid 526FE, same as the Audi dealer part. Corrected
>Hi Derek,
>The best BFB (bang for the buck) is Auto Zone's #MKD467 @ about $45...

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