cheap rims for sale

Dan Simoes dans at
Thu May 2 17:57:53 EDT 2002

I've heard they are good, they are just in low availability.
I would think that a heavy car like the 200 would benefit from a wider
contact patch (at least 16") anyway.

TM wrote:
> If 225/60 works, you can use the Firestone SZ50EP in that size- decent
> tire.
> If you go 225/55, you can use the Michelin Pilot HX MXM, good quiet
> tire, but
> not totally performance-oriented.
> If you go 225/50, there are lots of choices.
> What's wrong w/ the AVS intermediate, anyway? I like those tires, just
> don't
> last very long.
> Taka

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