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Thu May 2 22:00:23 EDT 2002

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Thanks all for the tips and write up for the door speakers and for the fore
warning.  Glad I didn't get in there with a flat head!  Looks like I've got a
new project.

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>From: Brett Dikeman
>To: "Jobe Tichy" , 200q20v at
>Subject: Re: Front Door Speaker Grill
>Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 15:54:42 -0400
>At 7:37 PM +0000 5/2/02, Jobe Tichy wrote:
>>Quick question--Are the grills for the Bose speakers in the front
>>removable? Or does the door skin have to come off and work from
>>behind? My
>>driver's speaker does not appear to be working, so I need to
>>trouble shoot and
>>I figured the first placed should be at the connection to the
>>speaker and see
>>if it works. It appears they pop rights off--I just want to make
>>sure before
>>I start prying off something that isn't supposed to:) Thanks
>The entire door panel must come off. It's not -that- hard.
>I have a full writeup here(including, I think, instructions on
>removal, but it's been a few months since I looked at it.)
>The PDF version is much nicer, but as the index page warns, save and
>open from desktop if you're on Windows...some versions of IE/Acrobat
>plugin don't "like" my doc.
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