Replacement UFO Pads

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>I "think" this is unsubstantiated rumor.  I spent several hours
>going through every manufacturers book I could find and everything
>we had in inventory at Bavarian Autosport's warehouse (ex-employee
>I am) looking for a match when Chris Miller was in a pinch awhile
>back.  I couldn't find anything that was even mildly close.  Shed
>some light if anyone can please.
>Royal aka 20RoT

I may have been the source of that mis-information from a long way back...
turns out I was partially right...just not for UFO brakes.    type 44 Audis
with conventional Ate (single piston) calipers use an FMSI D394 pad...same
pad as used on many (not all) BMW  5- and 7- series cars thru the '90s
(probably the same caliper).  The V8 and '91 200q20v UFO-brakes also use a
single piston Ate caliper, but as we know, with a different config.  mea culpa.

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