Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Fri May 3 11:17:27 EDT 2002

I have read a lot of posts about people who like the BBS wheels, but they
have not held up well over the past decade..  I had similar problems, clear
coat peeling, some pitting etc...
I refinished them myself with suprisingly decent results.
I cleaned them well, brush, wheel cleaner/ repeat until rinse water is clear
then I had the tires removed  gave a light sanding to the lip and carefuly
applied some aircraft paint stripper on the lip of the rim, scrape off after
a while and reapply and repeat if there is still old clear coat.  Have a wet
sponge and squeeze bottle of water read incase you misplace the remover on
the wheel.
Then I wet sanded with 3-4 different grits working down to 1200 or finer,
(sand until the pitting is gone) after the last wet sanding polish well with
Aluminum polish.
give the wheel a wash to remove dust etc...
I then got some wheel clear coat at autozone, masked off the center portion
of the wheel and gave it a few light coats (careful about dust).
It took me a good weekend of working intermittently on the wheels but I was
very happy with the results and didn't have to buy new wheels.

just my idea

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