Intermittant Wiper Relay

dkpriebe dkpriebe at
Fri May 3 22:52:49 EDT 2002

Currently on the Audifans parts marketplace
( Jonathan Vogel has a number of
intermittant wiper relays for sale for the rock bottom price $17. I bought a
couple from him yesterday for both by 200tqa and my 95.5 S6. They are both
installed and working, and so I'm looking forward to the rain this weekend
to see them really in action. I know that he has a few more, and since I
hadn't heard of them for less than around $30, I thought that I would pass
this good deal along.

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
91 200tqa 155K his
95.5 S6 99K hers

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