Intermittent Trunk Lock (aka 'Boot' for UK listers) Operation in Sedan

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sun May 5 01:52:34 EDT 2002

Does it not unlock in both key positions?  When the
key slot it vertical, turning the key clockwise to a
stop (~ 45 degrees) and pushing it in should unlock
regardless of the state of the doors' locks or the
vacuum system.  When the key slot is horizontal, the
lock state should be controlled by the state of the
vacuum operated door locks: if the doors are locked
by the vacuum system then the trunk button will not
engage anything when pushed in; if the doors are
unlocked by the vacuum system, then the trunk button
will engage something when pushed that unlocks it.

This last function has not worked for several years
on my sedan after the car has sat in the sun for a
while on warm days, say above the mid 80s.  I think
problem is in the mechanism inside the trunk lid
that moves some doohickie that the trunk release
should engage.  ' hasn't been a high priority to

So which symptom do you have?  If both, I would
assume the problem is with the button/latch mechanism
inside the trunk lid.

Good luck,



Any suggestions why my trunk would fail to unlock at
the time locks in all other doors functioned

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