Intermittent Trunk Lock (aka 'Boot' for UK listers) Operation in Sedan

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun May 5 09:32:57 EDT 2002

This has been covered well in the archives, or you can even see some
pictures on Chris Miller's helpful
website    Just put "trunk
lock repair" in the search box and then select the first result.

I've gotten the trunk lock to operate as intended by Audi on both the
200q20v and the V8 by removing the assembly, applying Kroil repeatedly to
the ball/spring area and then using the BFH approach to getting the lever
moving again.  Afterward, I treat that latching system about every 3-4
months, just like I do all the door latches (on the trailing edge of each
door) and locks in the front doors, with a penetrating oil that includes
some teflon.

At 11:50 PM 05/04/2002 -0500, Dale McCormack wrote:

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>Any suggestions why my trunk would fail to unlock at the time locks in all
>other doors functioned properly?  My first thought is to check beneath the
>rear seat for vacuum connection problems.  Any other ideas?  No mechanical
>work has been performed inside the trunk recently.
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