Intermittent Trunk Lock (aka 'Boot' for UK listers) Operation in Sedan

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Sun May 5 22:05:36 EDT 2002

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I was just working on this the other day with a buddy and his 200.  If you
remove the back cover of the trunk lock mechanism, you will see the vaccuum
actuator's connecting rod to the switch.  For some reason, the control
mechanism on the lock becomes very sticky and too much resistance for the
vacuum actuator to rotate it to the correct unlock/lock position with the
central locking system.  With the one I was working on, it was just VERY DIRTY
inside.  Removing the trunk lock mechanism and doing a through clean up and
regrease of that one part did the trick--Lock works fine now.

Of course, remove the vacuum actuator to see if there is a leak there.  In my
case, it was just fine.  It helped to have a friend move the lock up and down
inside the car, so you could see how everything works back there no the
trunk--in my case, you could see the actuator working, it was just stressed
and could not push the lock control mechanism.

Hope this helps.  About 30 minutes of trouble shooting and cleaning of the
mechanism--AFTER IT WAS OUT OF THE CAR--solved the problem.  I don't recommend
cleaning while it is in the car because there are the electrical parts for the
lock heater there--which could do without getting moist.


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>Any suggestions why my trunk would fail to unlock at the time locks in all
other doors functioned properly? My first thought is to check beneath the rear
seat for vacuum connection problems. Any other ideas? No mechanical work has
been performed inside the trunk recently.
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