new 91 200tqa owner

Dan Simoes dans at
Sun May 5 23:58:09 EDT 2002

Guess who?  Thanks to Peter Schulz who tipped me off to this wagon in my
backyard.  Price was right on this 2 owner car with 97k miles, dealer
maintained until 80k.  It's officially mine as of today.
So, on with the repairs :)

big problems (advice welcome):
- dash lights flakey (hi indicator/signals)
- defrost switch intermittent, bad contact?
- radio reception sucks.  antenna ground or amp?
- needs bomb
- low boost problem.  no codes, replaced 02 sensor per mechanic who said
it was dead.  runs better but still only to 1.4 bar.

small problems:
- trunk struts shot
- oil temp gauge inoperative
- valve cover gasket leaks
- has small pentosin leak (pump?)

- this car has the gamma radio, when according to the manual it should
have the presets.  Which is correct for the avant?  Is the gamma capable
of controlling the factory CD changer, which I've heard is RF based?
- anyone interested in a set of MXV4s in stock size, with 9-10/32" of
tread?  Nice tires for the average joe, but not for me.

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