Brake conversion

Mark Trank MTrank at
Mon May 6 13:50:20 EDT 2002

Fellow listers:

After unsuccessfully attempting the Q-list UFO fix (80 to 20 mph several
times), and experiencing increasingly violent front end shaking when
braking, and now getting the brake pad light, I guess I need new front
rotors and pads.  Original UFOs w/ 94k miles.  Checking with Clair I was
quoted approximately $290 for G-60 rotors and pads.........versus about $540
for replacement UFOs and pads.  I'm tempted to go the G-60 route, given the
cost differential, and I recognize the trade-off in stopping power, UFOs v.
G-60.  But am I also looking at a suspension refitting as well?  Or will the
G-60s mount on the existing hub assembly w/ no problems?

Thanks for the advice, as always, and I apologize for asking the same
question that has been addressed numerous times previously.

mtrank at

91 200q20v 94k miles, shakin' and quakin'

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