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dkpriebe at dkpriebe at
Mon May 6 17:55:21 EDT 2002

Could you post this information to the list when (or if)
you find out? I too have been curious about using the
tethers in the avant. The owners manual indicates that
it is for Canadian models only, but I'm sure that it
just needs the proper mounting hardware.

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
91 200tqa 155k his
95.5 S6 99k hers
> One other question I forgot - does anyone have the list of parts needed
> to install the rear child seat tether anchors, and how hard is it?
> In the trunk area, I see two small flaps that reveal a perforated line
> in the metal.  I was expecting to find the threaded holes for the
> anchors, but no such luck...
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