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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon May 6 14:27:11 EDT 2002

At 6:08 PM +0100 5/6/02, Peter Schulz wrote:
>At 12:50 PM 5/6/2002 -0400, Mark Trank wrote:
>>Fellow listers:
>>After unsuccessfully attempting the Q-list UFO fix (80 to 20 mph several
>>times), and experiencing increasingly violent front end shaking when
>>braking, and now getting the brake pad light, I guess I need new front
>>rotors and pads.  Original UFOs w/ 94k miles.  Checking with Clair I was
>>quoted approximately $290 for G-60 rotors and pads.........versus about $540
>>for replacement UFOs and pads.  I'm tempted to go the G-60 route, given the
>>cost differential, and I recognize the trade-off in stopping power, UFOs v.
>>G-60.  But am I also looking at a suspension refitting as well?  Or will the
>>G-60s mount on the existing hub assembly w/ no problems?
>Yes - you need the G60 struts/hubs and tied rods, too.
>Re: Violent shaking  - make sure that the caliper guide pins are moving
>freely and that your lower control arm bushings are not warn.
>The bentley manual discusses some recommended solutions to UFO shaking...

Also, consider the _total_ economics: labor (and/or time), strut conversion
parts, etc. I believe others have estimated that a G60 conversion works out
to be advantageous only after two or more cycles of rotor & pad
replacements. Considering that new UFO rotors can last well over 100K
(given proper care and feeding, of course), you would likely be ahead both
money and braking ability by staying with the UFO system.

Of course if you can get the strut conversion parts "donated", you would
have a head start

Phil (both cars with dealer conversions, so I didn't have to make the
decision :-)

Phil Rose
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