new 91 200tqa owner

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon May 6 15:45:47 EDT 2002

> I'd check turbo overrun (bypass) valve. Remove vacuum hose at rear of
> manifold. Pull vacuum of about 6 lbs. It should hold. No vacuum or it drops
> quickly, TBV is shot, or maybe hose has leak. Mine was gone when I bought my
> Avant last year at about the same mileage.

Ah yes, that would be the vac hose I just replaced.  The one that I had
to remove the ISV to get to the manifold, the heat shield on the back of
the motor, and the bypass valve itself :)

I did check the bypass valve manually by sucking on it and it seemed to
be OK, but of course I can't be sure.  Brett thinks it could be the WGFV
so I will check that tonight.

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