Low boost high rpm roll on

Djdawson2 at aol.com Djdawson2 at aol.com
Mon May 6 16:06:24 EDT 2002

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This is in fact, normal.  If you look through the Bentley manual you will
find that max boost will taper off as rpm's increase.  There is a graph to
show you visually.  I believe the test described in the manual tells you to
put the car in 3rd or 4th gear at 37mph, then floorboard it.  Boost will
climb to max, and then fall off.  Verify this in the manual because I'm going
strictly off of memory here.

I've been told that most chips for these cars will maintain this
characteristic, but that if you go to the Stage III+ type chips, you will see
the car maintain max boost on up through redline... well beyond the stock
K24's efficient operating range.  Max boost in  the 4k + rpm range has turned
the K24 into a heat pump anyway, at which point you are risking catastrophic
failure (thrown rod, melted piston, etc).  If you want to run these boost
levels you'd need to consider a different turbo and probably an RS2 EM.

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