someone's Klez-infected system is using my email address

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at
Mon May 6 20:16:09 EDT 2002

I have received a few other private e-mails that purported to be from other
listers on the Urq list previously but were not.  Crafty, too, with subjects
like:  "A special new website, a special good tool," plus the less stealthy
"Playboy Vs...., etc"

A clue:  These all had the first part of the email address as the "from"
identifier, rather than the full name.

I suggest everyone update and run their virus protection software and please
don't open any attachemnts that don't seem to make sense regardless of who
its from.  In list traffic the klez-worm is caught by the server, but
non-list mail won't benefit from this. When in doubt, email the person in
question before opening any attachments.

More info on this insidious virus:


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Subject: someone's Klez-infected system is using my email address

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> James Accordino just got an email with my name/address as the claimed
> sender...something about the Spice Girls.
> Both my mailer(Eudora) and my operating system(MacOS X) are
> completely incapable of being affected by Klez, so it's not
> me....guaranteed.  Someone else's system has decided to use my email
> address, just like a few days ago it was Chris Miller's name/address.
> I -never- send emails with attachments without prior arrangements.
> Delete any messages from me if they have an attachment.

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