Radiator Repair Kit

Rich Andrews r at 66-169-158-13.ftwrth.tx.charter.com
Tue May 7 03:08:36 EDT 2002

Bryan Foster wrote:

> Jeff,
> Just did my radiator yesterday.  Part numbers are 200121003 for the epoxy
> and 200121001 for the plastic insert.  Cost me $30.  Make sure you are
> quick once you mix up the epoxy...It hardens real fast.  Also, you don't
> have to drain the entire coolant system to do this.  Just suck out the
> coolant in the expansion tank with a turkey baster and then disconnect the
> top radiator hose.
> Bryan Foster
> Boston, MA
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Just keep in mind that you are just postponing the inevitable.  You
might as well start shopping.


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