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Tue May 7 09:22:43 EDT 2002

>Dan writes:
>Price was right on this 2
>owner car with 97k miles,
>maintained until 80k.  It's
>officially mine as of today.
>So, on with the repairs :)
>big problems (advice welcome):
>- dash lights flakey (hi

You likely have a break in the circuit board.  This can be fixed; here's one description.

>- defrost switch intermittent,
>bad contact?

Start with contact cleaner on the switch.

>- radio reception sucks.
>antenna ground or amp?

The wagon has an amplified antenna in the roof at the rear; open the hatch, pull the trim, slightly drop the headliner, and you can access the antenna base to unbolt it.  Likely the amp needs replacement.

>- needs bomb

The hydraulic accumulator is fairly easy to change, just make very sure to relieve the residual pressure prior to disconnecting it.

>- low boost problem.  no
>codes, replaced 02 sensor per
>mechanic who said
>it was dead.  runs better but
>still only to 1.4 bar.

Try this:
Pull the harness connector to the multi function temperature sensor. This sensor is on the external coolant rail on the driver's side of the engine, with a rubber boot and 3-4 wires. See if you get full boost; if so, your sensor is sending a ground "overheat" signal; you likely won't have A/C as well.

If that isn't it, your wastegate frequency valve isn't operating.  You can hook up an LED test light to the circuit to see if the ECU is activating the valve.  Should have about 35 ohms resistance.

>small problems:
>- trunk struts shot
>- oil temp gauge inoperative
>- valve cover gasket leaks
>- has small pentosin leak
>- this car has the gamma
>radio, when according to the
>manual it should
>have the presets.  Which is
>correct for the avant?  Is the
>gamma capable
>of controlling the factory CD
>changer, which I've heard is
>RF based?

Likely your radio was replaced through the dealer; the Delta may not be available, so you got the Gamma.  The factory changer was not installed in the wagon.  It was rf; you'd set the radio to 88.3 and listen (no control through the radio, it has a separate pod for controlling the changer).

>One other question I forgot -
>does anyone have the list of
>parts needed to install the
>rear child seat tether
>anchors, and how hard is it?
>In the trunk area, I see two
>small flaps that reveal a
>perforated line in the metal.
>I was expecting to find the
>threaded holes for the
>anchors, but no such luck...

Audi issued a Technical Service Bulletin addressing this:

Bentley Publishers produces the service manual:
Audi 100, 200: 1989-1991 Official Factory Repair Manual
Including 100 Quattro, 200 Quattro, Wagon, Turbo and 20-valve models

Your car is pretty popular as an enthusiast model, despite it's limited production numbers.
See these enthusiast sites for more:

Hope this helps,

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