[s-cars] Carbon fiber - use, kits & self help resources

Peter tectonic1 at mac.com
Tue May 7 11:23:01 EDT 2002

I have a link to a DIY carbon fiber fabrication page but it's buried in my
HD and I don't have time to look for it right now.  I'll look for it this
evening and post it if I can find it.  Bottom line was that it was
relatively easy and cheap to fabricate but practice is required to become
proficient in producing quality end result.

Peter Anderson

On 5/7/02 9:35 AM, "mlp" <mlped at qwest.net> wrote:

> Do the list(s) have any self help pointers, tips, suggestions, resources or
> general guides for either (a) "do it yourself" carbon fiber work; or (b) any
> suggestions for persons or people or firms that may be interested in doing
> either one off, or small production run pieces?
> I'm looking for possible alternatives to replace or improve upon a present
> Rube Goldberg metal/rubber intake setup.
> At a minimum the work would involve 3" tubes plus maybe redoing the air box
> (the "old" one could be used as a "mold" or guide for a carbon fiber
> duplicate with a few changes.)
> Thanks
> mlp
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