[s-cars] Carbon fiber - use, kits & self help resources

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Sounds like you need to start from scratch.  West Systems has a good
book on vacuum forming. Burt Rutan has a good book on general
fabrication techniques without using forms.  For about 50 bucks you can
get a starter kit that includes all you need to work on proper technique
and the Rutan book, of Long-EZ and Voyager fame. If you are doing it
yourself the cost of the fabric may be in the noise, $15-50 a yard as
apposed to 3-8, depending on the cost of your time.  If you like the
look of carbon, then use it, although Kevlar may be more durable or a
carbon Kevlar blend.  Neither of the books covers the specifics of
carbon or Kevlar. Neither goes into selection of fabrics and resin's
that much either, both entire can very the properties of the final
structure greatly.  There are several books available from Aircraft
Spruce on this subject.


Aircraft spruce finally came out with a motor sports specific catalogue.


Wicks if often a little cheaper, especially on the shipping.

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Do the list(s) have any self help pointers, tips, suggestions, resources
general guides for either (a) "do it yourself" carbon fiber work; or (b)
suggestions for persons or people or firms that may be interested in
either one off, or small production run pieces?

I'm looking for possible alternatives to replace or improve upon a
Rube Goldberg metal/rubber intake setup.

At a minimum the work would involve 3" tubes plus maybe redoing the air
(the "old" one could be used as a "mold" or guide for a carbon fiber
duplicate with a few changes.)


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