Swith Light Part Number

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at hotmail.com
Tue May 7 19:51:38 EDT 2002

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Does anyone have the part number (or some other way to determine how to get
this) for the little 30mA bulbs that light up the switches?  I am trying to
get the correct bulb for the "ABS OFF" switch and the dealer, of course, is
trying to pawn a new switch on me instead of helping me find the correct bu=
They substituted me the bulb that is for the ash tray, which works fine, but
is too bright and the switch gets way too hot.  I think it is a 60mA.  Also=
, I
found at the local auto parts store the same bulb, but is a 2.2 watt.  I do=
know if that is correct, it seems too bight as well.  What WATTAGE bulb wou=
be a reasonable replacement of the 30mA bulb?  Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated.  This has turned out to be too big of a hassle to chan=
a 99cent bulb!



'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)

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