Front spring removal

Tue May 7 23:02:48 EDT 2002

That doesn't apply to the 44 chassis cars Brett.  You can easily and safely
remove the top nut on any 44 chassis car without using a spring compressor,
in fact that's how you service the strut with spring in place.  The
90/80/4k/urq might be a different story.  I say "might" cuz it really depends
on the spring installed.  Stock 99inWB stock springed cars can remove the
castle nut, you just need to push down hard on the upper spring perch while
removing (since it's 200some lbs of force to move that inch, it's not the
recommended procedure, the family jewels are in jeapardy).

Over the years, I've tried many tricks for removing springs on McP strut cars
without removing the strut.  It *can* be done, several ways, none of which
really save you a lot of time in the long run (well, I did do the Deltec
trick once with great success).  There is a lot of energy in a spring.
Certainly enough in the 90 series cars to shoot a/your castle nut with
extreme prejudice.  Since the early days of nut-firing, I've acquired both
the clamshell spring compressor and the wall mounted wheel type, which really
makes "on car" procedures less attractive.

That said, there are many ways that this can be done on a 91 200, few of them
as safe or ultimately as quick as just taking the strut out.  I bow to all
that have tried, it's not easy nor pretty, nor recommended.  Certainly

Scott Justusson
In a message dated 5/7/02 3:22:00 PM Central Daylight Time, brett at

I remember Phil Payne posting about a fellow who removed the top
castle nut without using a spring compressor, thinking "car's on the
lift, it'll be fine."  I believe he said post-commotion, the hood had
a -very- large dent, they found the castle nut embedded in the wall,
and they never found the wrench.


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