Air Box Removal

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Wed May 8 20:42:38 EDT 2002

> There are no screws holding the box to the body. The
> only thing holding it in is the metal strap across the
> top and the seal around the edge.
> Rob Winchell

That seal around the edge is a be-otch. Strong steady pressure
and it will start to peeeeeeeel away.  On a related note, I found
a small piece of the heater fan housing in my back yard today.
There was still on the ground when I threw the white inner
housing about 70 feet across the yard in a fit of mindless rage
when I finally pulled it out.  It ain't no Frisbee but those
things can really fly when your adrenalin's pumpin'.  I should go
see the boys at Wham-O.  First the Hula Hoop, then the Frisbee,
the Hippity Hop, and now the rage of the 21st Century:

   THE FLYING FAN HOUSING* ... only $159.95 at your local Audi Dealer

       *beer sold separately

Royal aka 20RoT

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