brake conversions for 200q20v - wilwood

Charles Baer charlie at
Thu May 9 17:12:28 EDT 2002

Did it, went with BIRA S6-S6 before their presence made the competition
nervous enough to drop prices.  Don't forget to compare replacement
rotor & pad prices, weight if available, caliper repair/replacement
in case something nasty eats the seals or bores.

I would go w/ BIRA again, or a competitor that uses OEM parts and is
priced on par.  By using factory parts, I figure the odds of them
being available and at predictable prices are improved.  Some 16"
wheels fit over the big red 993tt calipers, mine is System 6 and some
16s will fit over the 996tt calipers (which are lighter and carry a
bit more pad).


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> Has anyone BTDT?  I like the thought of not needing 17" rims,
> and still
> having better brakes.  But are these the type of brakes that
> need rebuilds
> every year?  Although living and working in NYC I only drive
> my 200q20v
> once a month on weekends, I'd hate to have to rebuild the
> brakes every so
> often.

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