brake conversions for 200q20v - wilwood

Shayne thequattroking at
Thu May 9 17:44:16 EDT 2002

I have Willwoods on my V8 for nearly 4 years no.  NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.  I am
running stock wheels (not for long though).  Peddle feel is wonderful.  Fade
resistance is not to bad either.  I did the whole conversion for around
$600.00.  I did not use anyone's kit.  I built it myself with the help of
Dustin from RPI and a local Audi guru.  I believe that Keith from the V8
list also has done a few Willwood converions.

Shayne P.

Currently, Spokane, WA.  June, Oakland, CA.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

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>> Has anyone BTDT?
> Nope, but I don't see how a 11.75" rotor could be considered a
> replacement for a 13.3" rotor based system :-)
>> I like the thought of not needing 17" rims, and still
>> having better brakes.  But are these the type of brakes that need rebuilds
>> every year?  Although living and working in NYC I only drive my 200q20v
>> once a month on weekends, I'd hate to have to rebuild the brakes every so
>> often.
> I seem to recall that last time Wilwoods were mentioned, someone
> advised that they were best for track cars, not street cars...too
> much maintenance, yes.
> UFOs, aside from warping, are incredibly large, very reliable, fit
> under a 15" wheel, and rotor costs are getting more and more
> reasonable(even if they were not, they're still FAR more cost
> effective.
> Besides, for the same amount of money as this Wilwood kit, you can
> get the BIRA conversion for UFO-equipped cars and get MUCH larger
> diameter rotors(about 9mm larger and much thicker, I believe.)

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