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> Nope, but I don't see how a 11.75" rotor could be considered a
>  replacement for a 13.3" rotor based system :-)

 Pretty easy to figure out when you stop looking at rotor diameter as the
only factor.
(btw, the ufo is NOT 13.3 inches)

 Lets start with 4 pistons vs 1 to turn line pressure into cramping force.
Next we can look at the pad options available for a Wilwood calipers, I
personally gave up counting the non-wilwood suppliers, Wilwood supplies 7
different compounds. For heat shielding Wilwood calipers can be equipped with
stainless shields and Thermolock pistons. Rotational mass also comes into
effect, anyone want to compute the force required to stop a 10lb rotor vs the
force required for a 22lb rotor?

 How about unsprung weight? For UFO cars the weight loss is somewhere close
to 20lbs PER SIDE. Less for G60 cars but still appreciable.

 For the record, Audi Connection's Wilwood brakes and white faced gauges are
the product of my twisted mind. The gauges because I wanted them. The brakes
because just last year NOBODY made a kit for a UFO car, and I've always had
good experiences with Wilwoods in other apps. BIRA's response to inquiries at
that time was that it wasnt "cost effective" to develop a kit for the UFO
struts. (BIRA members please dont bother attempting to disprove this
statement, I have the documentation and its in the V8 archives, a defence
isnt required either, I'm not attempting to flamespray BIRA for the decision
they made.)

 I'll fade back into the woodwork now.

Audi Connection

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