[s-cars] Re: brake conversions for 200q20v - wilwood

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri May 10 00:58:40 EDT 2002

Wilwood brake systems, as applicable to the 200q20v:

Very light, low unsprung weight
Very inexpensive brake pads
Inexpensive calipers
No weather seals- can require rebuilds quite often
Rotors significantly smaller than the 310mm (?) UFO rotor

BIRA System 2 UFO:
Cost about same as Wilwoods, maybe a couple hundred more
Much larger rotors- 320x30mm- larger heatsink and more brake torque
Much larger brake pads- greater swept area
Very easy pad changes
Fully weather-sealed
Will fit under a 16" wheel- I'll have results soon

If you need to stay in a 15" wheel, you really should stick w/ UFOs-
best brakes for the wheel fitment.


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