[s-cars] Re: brake conversions for 200q20v - wilwood

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Thu May 9 22:00:40 EDT 2002

--- DasWolfen at aol.com wrote:
>  Lets start with 4 pistons vs 1 to turn line pressure into cramping force.

two, not four.  the pistons oppose each other, so in determining the
equivalent clamping force, you'd look at only one side of the caliper.

> Next we can look at the pad options available for a Wilwood calipers, I
> personally gave up counting the non-wilwood suppliers, Wilwood supplies 7
> different compounds. For heat shielding Wilwood calipers can be equipped with
> stainless shields and Thermolock pistons. Rotational mass also comes into
> effect, anyone want to compute the force required to stop a 10lb rotor vs the
> force required for a 22lb rotor?

neglible compared to the force required to stop a 4000 lb. car.

>  How about unsprung weight? For UFO cars the weight loss is somewhere close
> to 20lbs PER SIDE. Less for G60 cars but still appreciable.

that affects handling, but how does it affect braking?

>  For the record, Audi Connection's Wilwood brakes and white faced gauges are
> the product of my twisted mind. The gauges because I wanted them. The brakes
> because just last year NOBODY made a kit for a UFO car, and I've always had
> good experiences with Wilwoods in other apps. BIRA's response to inquiries at
> that time was that it wasnt "cost effective" to develop a kit for the UFO
> struts. (BIRA members please dont bother attempting to disprove this
> statement, I have the documentation and its in the V8 archives, a defence
> isnt required either, I'm not attempting to flamespray BIRA for the decision
> they made.)

not defending BIRA or anything, but i think they do have something for
UFO cars now.

so which wilwood calipers did you use?  superlite III 4-piston?
i've got a set of the 6-piston calipers myself, but they're intended for
the mustang.  got a set of 13x1.25" rotors on hats to go with the calipers.

your setup sounds nice, though i'm not sure 11.75" rotors are big enough
for a 4000 lb. car.  still better than the stock G60 setup on my S4,
at least.


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