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Michael (Prospeed Motorsport) michael at prospeedmotorsport.com
Fri May 10 10:05:24 EDT 2002

Well, someone will probably slam me for this, so I have my Nomex undies
on. Flame Away!!

I would not recommend anything Wilwood makes for a street car. Wilwood
does not make a "street" caliper as none of there calipers have any type
of dust boot. There are used primarily on circle track cars where the
calipers are pulled, checked and/or rebuilt after a race or two.

None of the major caliper manufacturers, Brembo, AP, Alcon, Lockheed,
Girling, etc. make or recommend using a caliper without dust boots on a
street car.

There is also a reason why the Wilwoods are so inexpensive . . . They
are not in the same league as Brembo, AP or Alcon. You get what you pay

FWIW, you can find used Porsche S4 calipers for $400/pr. And there are
many suppliers of aftermarket rotors that are 32 mm (1.25") thick.

I don't make anything for Audis, so no vested interest here.

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