Spewing Green Goo! Fan out of comission.

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Fri May 10 19:45:25 EDT 2002


    It seems that i should have knocked on the laminated zebrano when last i said the car was running in tip top shape.  Just yesterday i had it at the carwash idleing and next thing i know, steam is billowing from under the hood and the car is leaking coolant at an alarming rate.  Upon checking, i find that the coolant is gushing out of the filler cap which is still secured to the overfill tank.  Here's the caveat...i check the temperature gauge and it's two ticks past halfway and the fan has not clicked on.  The fan usually starts up about 1 or 2 ticks before halfway.  Further testing concludes the fan will not click on in any circumstance....anyone have similar issues?  What should i be checking?  Thermostat?  Fuses? Relays? I dunno!

As always, many thanks,
Adam Chinchiolo
200q20v...sweating profusely with a bad case of heat stroke

PS: it was only 80 degrees...pretty mild for Stockton in May.

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