Audi spewing green goo, fan is out to lunch

Chris Covington malth at
Fri May 10 20:42:18 EDT 2002

Sounds like the fusible link.  Mine went about this time last year - it
probably happened in the middle of the winter or in the fall but
nothing went wrong w/o the fan until it got warm out, also there were no
problems on the highway until I hit traffic on 90 one day by the 84
intersection, then I turned on the heater in 80o weather at full blast
in order to avoid said spewing.
Its failure wasn't evident, but upon removal it clearly broke in 2.  I
believe the part was $2 from Clair (I was in Boston at the time and just
had it ground shipped and it arrived in 1 day).  No problems since.

'91 200q20v

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