undoing high pressure pump->bomb HP hose's banjo bolt

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri May 10 21:37:46 EDT 2002

Well, I just refilled the reservoir and started the car...with a
light down in that general area.

Started it up, then looked back under the car.

 From the front corner of the car, I could see a nice thick stream of
hydraulic fluid shooting out between the metal pipe and the outer
foam-looking jacket.

It took about 20 seconds to empty the reservoir.  Add to my problems
a huge lake of pentosin on the driveway.  <sigh>

About my only luck today seems to be that the Russian etka site came
back up, and Chris happened to pop online.

I had initially misread the ETKA diagram and come up with some odd
part number(10 looked like "13") but Chris got it right...443 698 483
F(the high pressure supply line to the bomb from the pump.)  He even
found a picture from Zygmunt Motors:


That lovely hooked end goes right around the bomb and completely out
of sight; I couldn't see it at -all-, but the Bentley diagram(how
lucky for me I actually loaned out V1, not V2) shows the bolt to be
on the bottom of the whole assembly.  You've got the engine mount on
top, and the bomb/subframe below, so I'm not sure how to get access
to it.

So, aside from the "where do I get this thing on a Saturday morning"
problem, I've also got a "how do I get the bottom connection off"(top
couldn't be easier from the looks of it.)

Achive searches turned up a bunch of writeups about how to do a bomb
change(which involves similar stuff, both require removing the HP
line of course) but nothing that actually describes how to get at
that banjo bolt.

Can anyone offer some tips, or is this just a no-brainer, and it will
all become clear when I get the car is up on jack stands?

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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