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Fri May 10 21:41:19 EDT 2002

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> Well, someone will probably slam me for this, so I have my Nomex undies
>  on. Flame Away!!


>  I would not recommend anything Wilwood makes for a street car. Wilwood
>  does not make a "street" caliper as none of there calipers have any type
>  of dust boot. There are used primarily on circle track cars where the
>  calipers are pulled, checked and/or rebuilt after a race or two.

 Correct, Wilwood doesnt make a caliper with a dust boot. That in itself isnt
a safety issue. Unlike something else I will mention further down.

 Correct, Wilwood calipers are rebuilt after nearly every race in certain
usage. As are all makes of calipers after being subjected to several hours of
abuse hard enough to make rotors glow.

 Incorrect, Wilwood calipers are not used primarily in circle track racing,
They also enjoy widespread use in drag racing, certain classes of road
racing, and off-road endurance racing. (Read BAJA 1000 for those unfamiliar
with it)

>  None of the major caliper manufacturers, Brembo, AP, Alcon, Lockheed,
>  Girling, etc. make or recommend using a caliper without dust boots on a
>  street car.

 They don't recommend using cross-drilled rotors for the street either, as a
safety issue. Wanna take a poll of how many listers convienently disregard
that particular item?

>  There is also a reason why the Wilwoods are so inexpensive . . . They
>  are not in the same league as Brembo, AP or Alcon. You get what you pay
>  for.

 Do you have test data to back that up? FYI, the dominate brake in all levels
of NASCAR is Wilwood. The top classes have a minimum race weight of 3800lbs,
are limited to a 15" wheel, and the hand built chassis can cost over
$100,000. These cars race on road courses, superspeedways, and 1/2 mile ovals
for up to 600 miles. Now with those requirements why would owners like Roush,
Yates, Penske, and Childress, who can afford any brake in the world, equip
their cars with an inferior product? Subject $100,000 race cars to hazard to
save a few hundred dollars? Put the safety of drivers at risk for the same
reason? Please explain this, I'm dying to hear your expert opinion on the

>  FWIW, you can find used Porsche S4 calipers for $400/pr. And there are
>  many suppliers of aftermarket rotors that are 32 mm (1.25") thick.
>  I don't make anything for Audis, so no vested interest here.

 I do make things for Audi's and I dont put my customers at risk with
inferior products. If you dont like what I offer, fine, but please refrain
from making uninformed and unfounded statements about a product which you
obviously know every little about.


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