brake conversion-wildwood

Beer, Jerald jbeer at
Fri May 10 22:18:35 EDT 2002

I have Wildwoods on my car. Although no dust boots, I have only rebuilt them
once in 3 years..and that includes track time. I use a MB rotor, about
314mm. However, I must agree that Brembo (Boxster) calipers are superior to
Wildwood if for no other reason than the Wildwoods flex a little under
extreme use (even with bridge bolts); no problems at all on the street. When
I did my conversion there was no BIRA. My set up is good, I suspect BIRA
with Brembos would be even better. I am also in the minority as I am very
happy with my Hawk HP plus pads for street and track use.
91 200qa (Wildwoods and Hawks)

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