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Fri May 10 22:48:36 EDT 2002

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> I have Wildwoods on my car. Although no dust boots, I have only rebuilt them
>  once in 3 years..and that includes track time. I use a MB rotor, about
>  314mm. However, I must agree that Brembo (Boxster) calipers are superior to
>  Wildwood if for no other reason than the Wildwoods flex a little under
>  extreme use (even with bridge bolts); no problems at all on the street.
>  I did my conversion there was no BIRA. My set up is good, I suspect BIRA
>  with Brembos would be even better. I am also in the minority as I am very
>  happy with my Hawk HP plus pads for street and track use.
>  Regards,
>  Jerry
>  91 200qa (Wildwoods and Hawks)

 This is what I call an excellent post from an informed and intelligent
owner. You know the strengths and weaknesses of the setup you're using and
haven't made any unfounded claims.

 I'm curious what Wilwood caliper you're using. I too have found that certain
designs tend to flex under extreme use.

 A trick to extend the longivity of the Wilwood seals is to add shims (old
backing plates work well) as the pads wear to prevent exposing a large area
of the pistons. Of course a good cleaning every so often helps too.


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