undoing high pressure pump->bomb HP hose's banjo bolt

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Fri May 10 20:36:40 EDT 2002


It's no big deal (I thought for a moment it was the rack hose, which is a
real pain in the rear, but this one's easy).  As you surmise, it should be
obvious once you get in there, though I don't remember exactly what I did.

I'd recommend *not* buying an OEM replacement for this particular one: I had
mine rebuilt at a local hydraulic shop (they do bulldozers, trucks and
stuff): it took all of 15 minutes and $30.  It's been at least 50K on that
hose, and no problems yet.  The other advantage is that you can usually find
one open on Saturdays: more likely than a dealer parts department.

Good luck!


On 5/10/02 5:37 PM, "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:

> Well, I just refilled the reservoir and started the car...with a
> light down in that general area.
> Started it up, then looked back under the car.
> From the front corner of the car, I could see a nice thick stream of
> hydraulic fluid shooting out between the metal pipe and the outer
> foam-looking jacket.
> It took about 20 seconds to empty the reservoir.  Add to my problems
> a huge lake of pentosin on the driveway.  <sigh>
> About my only luck today seems to be that the Russian etka site came
> back up, and Chris happened to pop online.
> I had initially misread the ETKA diagram and come up with some odd
> part number(10 looked like "13") but Chris got it right...443 698 483
> F(the high pressure supply line to the bomb from the pump.)  He even
> found a picture from Zygmunt Motors:
> http://img.eautopartscatalog.com/live/N309030523.JPG
> That lovely hooked end goes right around the bomb and completely out
> of sight; I couldn't see it at -all-, but the Bentley diagram(how
> lucky for me I actually loaned out V1, not V2) shows the bolt to be
> on the bottom of the whole assembly.  You've got the engine mount on
> top, and the bomb/subframe below, so I'm not sure how to get access
> to it.
> So, aside from the "where do I get this thing on a Saturday morning"
> problem, I've also got a "how do I get the bottom connection off"(top
> couldn't be easier from the looks of it.)
> Achive searches turned up a bunch of writeups about how to do a bomb
> change(which involves similar stuff, both require removing the HP
> line of course) but nothing that actually describes how to get at
> that banjo bolt.
> Can anyone offer some tips, or is this just a no-brainer, and it will
> all become clear when I get the car is up on jack stands?
> Brett
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