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In a message dated 5/10/2002 Brett Dikeman writes:

<< Nothing near the pump, nothing near the rack as far as I can
tell...but underneath, damn near EVERYTHING on the driver's side of
the car is drenched in hydraulic fluid.

It is, of course, going to end up being some hose that will be
impossible to find on a Saturday morning and $$$$.

The only clue at the moment is that there was some fluid appearing at
the top of the high pressure hose that goes from the pump almost
straight down between the hose and its thick jacket...if it burst
internally, makes sense fluid would also make its way up the jacket.

It's like the guy who comes in to the ER covered in blood head to
toe...where's the injury?  <sigh>.  The subframe is keeping me from
getting a good look at the area the leak seems to be coming from(oil
is dripping from all over the a-frame, so it seems the source is
directly above there.) >>

Ouch, I feel your pain, BTDT. When my '87 5ktq erupted that way it
turned out to be the PS Pump-to-Bomb hose. Of course I first removed the
PS HP Hose, took it to the hose shop to be rebuilt, put it back on the
car and it still leaked as bad as before. I rushed back there with the
Bomb hose, which they managed to rebuild almost while I waited. The bomb
hose lives on to this day, the rebuilt HP hose died again in a few
months and was replaced with the ever so reliable, and cheap,
"Pick-N-Pull Hose" (which lives on to this day).

Your best bet (assuming it isn't the rack) for a quick Saturday fix is a
hydraulic shop. That or a junk yard (does the '91 take the same
hydraulic hoses as type 44cars more commonly found in junk yards?) hose.
The good news is that the bomb hose is much easier to change than the PS
HP hose (at least on a 10V it is).

Good luck!

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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