Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sat May 11 01:13:30 EDT 2002

When mine had a gusher like that just 3 weeks ago it
was the same problem you had, Kneale: one seal had
given way (the top one adjacent to where one of the HP
lines attaches).  Confirmed visually by the mechanic
within a few seconds after I started the engine for
him to look for the problem.  (Why didn't I think of
that?) When they leak that fast it should be easy to
see from where, Brett.


PS: Kneale, you're the first and only person I've
heard that had long-term success with resealing their
own pump (or did you have it done?).  Do you have a
secret technique?


When mine was making that kind of mess, it was leaking
out the bottom center of the pump itself.  I was
positive it was from the hose to the "bomb" because
that was looking all oozy.  But it was just the pump
seals dumping with the pulley and belts sending oil
everywhere.   A pump resealing has gone a couple years
now without leaking.

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