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So, in the interest of seal reliability, overhaul the calipers before adding
your shims, if you can't afford new pads.


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>> Mark's response from "Todd Howerton" <ToddH at>
>> Subject: DUST SEALS indicated that Wilwood pistons are stainless steel and
>> he did indicate that some use Keith's "trick" in servicing pads, but hardly
>> a recomendation, IMO.  Therefore, from a seal reliability standpoint, in
> the
>> absence of dust boots the piston should never be forced back into the
>> caliper without disassembly and cleaning.  And there is absolutely no good
>> reason for doing so.  A little ss hanging out in the breeze incours no
> harm,
>> but don't abuse your seals!
> Wilwood catalog 2001 pg 15, Tech Tip: "Spacer plates may be added behind the
> pad backing plate as it wears so the caliper pistons will not have to be
> exposed to the abusive track dirt and grit."
> Scott and I witnessed the reason for this at the Gratan event on a set of
> Outlaw calipers (rebranded Wilwood Billet Superlites) with badly nicked
> pistons. I wonder who the real experts are.
> Keith

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