Wanted: advice on steering rack

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 14:35:27 EDT 2002

Today I was about to replace the high pressure
pump-to-rack hose I acquired a week ago.  As I began
moving parts out of the way, I spied the dastardly
problem.  The driver's side boot is torn in two.
Pentosin sludge all over the place, although it's not
spraying.  It's all landing on the transmission, going
through about a pint every two weeks of very little

Seems to me there shouldn't even be Pentosin inside
where that boot protects, so it suggests an internal

Did I get that right?

So, I needs a new rack.

The write-ups on Chris Miller's page, plus the
Bentley, give me all the information required for me
to know I should not try this myself.

So, looking for BTDT on getting a mechanic to do it.
Are there common mistakes they make?  Is there a
preferred source for the racks?  Blau gets $250, any
reason not to use theirs?  Anything else a mechanic
ought to do, as long as the rack is out?

Is the task possibly easier than I think?


1989 200Q 10V sedan 148k miles
Santa Rosa, CA

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