Metallurgy- (was RE: brake conversion-wilwood)

TM t44tq at
Sun May 12 20:50:11 EDT 2002

I need to comment on your one comment to Scott-
Stainless steel is not 100% corrosion-proof. If you
believe that all stainless steels are such, you are mistaken.

I can cite specific examples, if you like:

Both are stainless steels and both will corrode if exposed to direct
contact w/ water, forming small rust spots on the surface of the metal,
but being corrosion-resistant enough that this takes a very long time
unless it is continually exposed, in which case it will corrode.

Both are tool steels and often used in high-end knives due to their edge
holding capability and inherent hardness.

Very high nickel content stainless steels are far more
as are some rather exotic alloys such as Aermet 100.


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