output tests using vag-com

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 17:55:18 EDT 2002

Finally got my VAG-Com program working with my 200

The 3B motronics must be sensitive to communications
timing when laptops talk to the ecu because I had to
upgrade my pentium 133 Toshiba laptop to IE6.0 and
disable active desktop on the win2k workstation before
I was succesful.

Output tests appear to work using VAG COM, though I'm
not exactly sure if the ross-tech software is supposed
to report anything.  I definitely hear clicking of the
components when I hit next item.

I'll have to try the block codes next time.

I have a home built vag adapter that I built for a few
dollars and lots of hours with registered software.
This thing really beats the blink codes.


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