Wanted: advice on steering rack

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun May 12 23:52:22 EDT 2002


At 01:35 PM 05/12/2002 -0700, Dave Haupt wrote:

>Today I was about to replace the high pressure
>pump-to-rack hose I acquired a week ago.  As I began
>moving parts out of the way, I spied the dastardly
>problem.  The driver's side boot is torn in two.
>Pentosin sludge all over the place, although it's not
>spraying.  It's all landing on the transmission, going
>through about a pint every two weeks of very little
>Seems to me there shouldn't even be Pentosin inside
>where that boot protects, so it suggests an internal
>Did I get that right?
>So, I needs a new rack.
>The write-ups on Chris Miller's page, plus the
>Bentley, give me all the information required for me
>to know I should not try this myself.
>So, looking for BTDT on getting a mechanic to do it.
>Are there common mistakes they make?  Is there a
>preferred source for the racks?  Blau gets $250, any
>reason not to use theirs?  Anything else a mechanic
>ought to do, as long as the rack is out?
>Is the task possibly easier than I think?
>1989 200Q 10V sedan 148k miles
>Santa Rosa, CA
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